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Here is a sample of the types of things we will be doing at our skills camp.

** This camp IS NOT A SPARQ/VELOCITY SPORTS/TRAINING type of skills camp.**

This camp is designed to help your high school kids to understand a fast paced college type atmosphere practice/workout. Our practices will be at the Salt Lake Skills Training location as well as the Logan Skills Training location, and are designed to improve your athlete’s ability to handle a high school football game in all of its facets. Please call me, Riley Jensen, at 801-867-4539 and I would love to talk to you about how this camp will be for your guys.


Here is a sample schedule of what will happen at each practice in March 2013:


:00 Dynamic Stretch (Andy Gunther, John Frank, and Anthony Jefferies.)


:15 Individual Skills session (QB’s Riley Jensen, Cole Cooper, and Ed Larson, WR’s Bradon Godfrey, RB’s Anthony Jefferies, and Tony McGeary, TE’s Fotu Katoa, LB’s Alema Te'o, Quinn Wheeler, & Everest Matagi, DB’s Andy Gunther, KC Jensen, and Ben Criddle)


:25 Individual Skills Session 2 (QB’s/RB’s) (DB’s, LB’s together at 7:30am)


:35 Individual Skills Session 3 (QB’s/WR’s)


:45 Water Break


:50 One on One’s (Field 1-QB’s/RB’s/TE’s/LB’s) (Field 2-QB’s/WR’s/DB’s)


1:00 Inside Skelly (Field 1 QB’s/RB’s/LB’s) Perimeter Pass Skelly/Screens (Field 2 QB’s/WR’s/DB’s)


1:10 Water Break


1:15 Install Offense/Defense



1:50 Break/Chalk Talk




Each week will be broken down to specific training and recognitions.


                                Offense                                                               Defense


Week 1                 Trips/2 Back Formations                                Cover 3 Defense

Week 2                 Trips/2 Back Formations                                Cover 1 Defense  (man free principles)

Week 3                 Doubles Formation                                        Cover 2 Defense

Week 4                 All Offensive Formations                                Cover 4 Defense

Week 5                 Empty Formations                                          Cover 0 Defense (straight man)

Week 6                 All Offensive Formations                                Cover 3/1

Week 7                 All Offensive Formations                                Cover 2 (Tampa 2 Included)

Week 8                 All Offensive Formations                                Cover 4/0          





Coaches at the camp will include:


Alema Te’o – LB’s (Former University of Utah Coach, Southern Utah Univ. Standout, All Poly Camp Founder)


Andy Gunther – DB’s/Dynamic Warm Up (Former Snow College Stand out)



Anthony Jefferies – RB’s/Dynamic Warm Up (Former Southern Utah University Stand out)


Riley Jensen – QB’s/WR’s (Former Utah State QB, Former NC State Coach)


Ed Larson – QB’s (Former New Mexico Stand Out QB, National Championship QB at San Jose City College)


Bradon Godfrey –WR’s (Former University of Utah Standout)


Everest Matagi – DB’s/LB’s (Former University of Utah Standout)


KC Jensen – DB’s (Former Snow College Standout)


Ben Criddle – DB’s (Former BYU Standout)


Cole Cooper – QB’s (Former Weber State Standout)


Tony McGeary – RB’s (Former Southern Utah Standout, Lone Peak State Championship Coach)            


Fotu Katoa – TE’s (Former Ricks College and BYU Standout)