Why MWE?

Mountain West Elite is the region’s #1 spring football skills training camp. Coaches and players from the intermountain area are investing time in your home state. Rather than pay for planes, hotels, rental cars, and food in another state, Mountain West Elite brings the most progressive, comprehensive camp in the United States to your front door.

Top 10 reasons your athlete should be involved with this football camp.

  1. Over 100 years of NFL and college playing and coaching experience.
  2. Full practices filled with the latest techniques for skill positions and OL/DL.
  3. Exposure to the most up to date and current offensive and defensive schemes.
  4. An evaluation and practice schedule that allows coaches to coach your athlete, realize your athletes strengths and weaknesses, and mentor him over a 4 week period.
  5. Tool belt full of tools that will enable your son to become a better athlete, student, and leader.
  6. Simulated and competitive game reps that will prepare your athlete for the summer and fall seasons.
  7. Pictures, videos, and drills placed online for your viewing.
  8. Increased recognition that could lead to an invite to the All Poly Camp in June, as well as improvement from practice 1 to practice
  9. Opportunity to be invited to Mountain West Elite’s summer warm up camps.
  10. Opportunity to be invited to a Nike Sparq Training combine in the state of Utah.


Mountain West Elite Coach's Code of Conduct

Mountain West Elite has created a coach's code of conduct to ensure that our coaches understand what the expectations are in coaching in our program and representing the Mountain West Elite skills training camp.

  • Lead by example. Attitude, Heart, and Enthusiasm is the theme of the camp. Make sure we have all three of those characteristics as coaches.
  • Know your position. Study the playbook, be prepared, and be the best at coaching your position.
  • Encourage and guide players to get better every practice, never condone negativity, help players to know what they do well, help them get better at what they don’t.
  • Catch players doing something good in every practice.
  • Always be courteous and direct when dealing with players, parents, and other coaches.
  • Refrain from using profane language while representing Mountain West Elite during skills training camp.
  • Demonstrate positive support for all players, coaches, and parents.
  • Refrain from using tobacco, drugs, and alcohol     products while representing Mountain West Elite during each practice.
  • Remember you are a skills camp coach. This training session is to make the athletes you coach, better. Do not participate in negativity as a representative of Mountain West Elite.
  • Your actions, character and conduct are a reflection of Mountain West Elite; you are expected to promote yourself and the skills training in a positive manner.
  • Promote the camp by being a positive influence.
  • Commit to not recruiting, using undue influence, or using unseemly pressure to get an athlete to attend, participate, or change schools.